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2001 Mattress Pad Winner was Rhonda Allen of Portland, OR

2000 Mattress Pad Winner was Dorothy Nowack of Newburgh, NY

Travel Pillow Winners:

1/1/01 Kelly Hawk of Dublin, OH

1/1/01 Mary Waters of Beachwood, OH

1/1/01 Christy Dixon of Sylvester, GA

1/1/01 Suzanne Farmer of Jackson, NC

12/1/00 Liz Ross of Oklahoma City, OK

12/1/00 Thomas Stephens of Branchport, NY

12/1/00 J. Dorman of Budd Lake, NJ

12/1/00 John Henschen of Davenport, IA

2/1/00 Connie Bakonowicz of Rockford, IL

2/1/00 Gene Hartman of Sayre, OK

2/1/00 Linda Hicks of Yukon, OK

2/1/00 Diane Lenox of Houston, TX

1/1/00 Jan Bishop of Cary, IL

1/1/00 Jessica Senula of Franklinville, NJ

1/1/00 Penny Williams of Lancaster, CA

12/1/99 Sabrina Taylor of Pikeville, KY

12/1/99 Ben Stein of Harrisburg, PA

12/1/99 Lorraine Nettnin of Ocala, FL

11/1/99 Audrey Murry of Artesia, CA

11/1/99 Billye Flanary of Irving, TX

11/1/99 Jennifer Kollins of Powell, OH

10/1/99 Roberta Conway of Bellevue PA

10/1/99 Shannon Weisenberg of Mayfield Hts, OH

9/1/99 Carla Rosenblum of Saratoga, CA

9/1/99 Summer Siebold of Mill Valley, CA

9/1/99 Daphne Williams of Broken Bow, OK

8/1/99 Alexis Baranek of Lake City, Fl

8/1/99 Brenda Hartman of Renton, WA

8/1/99 Charles Lonergan of Tulsa, OK

7/1/99 Carla Rosenblum of Saratoga, CA

7/1/99 Daphne Williams of Broken Bow, OK

7/1/99 Summer Siebold of Mill Valley, CA

6/1/99 Jan White of Middleburg, FL

6/1/99 Shana Martin of Madison, WI

6/1/99 Karen Girard of Springfield, MA

5/1/99 Kaye Walker of Dallas, GA

5/1/99 Deanna Estep of Bountiful, UT

5/1/99 Betty Beck of Wichita, KS

4/1/99 Sandra McGhee of Dallas, TX

4/1/99 Dan Thiel of Cameron, WI

4/1/99 Paul Collins of Cutoff, LA

3/1/99 Marie Curcio of Brooklyn, NY

3/1/99 Patricia Varney of Fort Edward, NY

2/1/99 Cheryl Clements of Dunbar, PA

2/1/99 Heather Wells of Coral Springs, Fl

2/1/99 Mary Ferentz of Saint Louis, MO

1/1/99 Stephen Albert of Easton, MA

1/1/99 Linda Harris of Iowa Park, TX

1/1/99 Carol Franklin of Tavares, FL

1/1/99 Sandy Rush of Stuttgart, AR

12/01/98 Johnny Trafecanty of Phoenix, AZ

12/01/98 Jennifer Plise of San Diego, CA

12/01/98 Richard Rosen of Simi Valley, CA

11/01/98 Wendy Shadinski of Millville, NJ

11/01/98 Matt Lum of Palmer, Ak

11/01/98 Sherry Wright of Fort Worth, TX

11/01/98 Lynette Lombardi of Belvidere, NJ  

10/01/98 Jim McMichael of Vienna, VA

10/01/98 Helen Mitchell of San Jose, CA

10/01/98 Matthew Privat of Lafayette, LA

10/01/98 Jerae La Croix of Sherman Oaks, CA

09/01/98 John Rupell of Palmerton, PA

09/01/98 Wendy Carr of Fredericksburg, VA

08/01/98 Harry Gottschell, Jr of Montoursville, PA

07/01/98 Eva Mack of Bethleham, PA

07/01/98 Cheryl Wilson of Mesa, AZ

06/01/98 Barbara Harvey, WV

06/01/98 Iva Eckhardt, AR

05/01/98 Kate Higgins of Brookings, OR

05/01/98 Ann Firstenfeld, CA

04/01/98 Todd Burleigh of Spokane, WA

04/01/98 Janet Nicol of Albuquerque, NM




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