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CRISSCROSS BACK BRACE - 8" woven elastic back panel. Four metal stays. Crisscross overlay. 5" V-shape elastic sides. Extra 3" pull on sides for better support. Velcro 7500 closures. Research study Please enter your waist/stomach size in inches. Ordering Info. $22.00

LIFT BELT UTILITY WORK SUPPORT BRACE - Made of 420 Denier Power Net Mesh. 4 non-conductive stays with rubber nonslip. 10,000 closure Velcro. 4" knitted elastic. Machine washable. Research study

Ordering Info. $29.00

POSTURE CORRECTOR BACK BRACE - Provides support to the upper back and promotes popular posture. Inconspicuous under most clothing. White cotton canvas with two flexible stays.
Ordering Info. $29.95 - $59.95

MOM EZ - Helps to reduce lower back pain and fatigue during pregnancy. Contoured side panels. Extra pull on sides. Velcro closures. Ordering Info. $40.00

TWINFLEX NEOPRENE WATERPROOF BRACE - The NEXT STEP in back support evolution. Extremely comfortable to wear. Allows full range of motion for the body and spine while helping to tone and strengthen abdominal and back muscles. Ordering Info. $99.00

ACTIVE LUMBAR MAGNETIC BRACE - Lightweight, breathable elastic mesh material with adjustable Velcro closure. 500 Gauss with six magnetic fields. Sizes S/M, L/XL Ordering Info $32.95

DELUXE LUMBAR MAGNETIC BRACE - Lightweight, breathable elastic mesh material with adjustable elastic strap with Velcro closure. 500 Gauss with nine magnetic fields. Sizes S/M, L/XL. Black Ordering Info. $55.95

ALL PURPOSE ICE WRAP - Large all-purpose ice wrap. Use on upper and lower back, shoulder, knee, and thigh. Great for arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and inflammatory conditions. Ideal for home and sport injuries. Ordering Info. $32.00

CERVICAL SUPPORT - Contour shaped 7/8" medium density foam with stockinette cover. One size fits all. Ordering Info. $10.00

WRIST-LET WRAP 6" (black) neoprene wrist let provides warmth and compression for relief of carpal tunnel syndrome at an economical price. Velcro closure. Ordering Info. $7.00

WRIST BRACE - removable pre-shaped aluminum palm stay. Left or right hand Ordering Info. $16.00


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