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Mom-Ez Pregnant Back Brace

  MOM EZ - Helps to reduce lower back pain and fatigue during pregnancy. Contoured side panels. Extra pull on sides. Velcro closures. $40.00


Small up to 8 dress size
Medium 8-12 dress size
Large 14-22 dress size
X-Large over 22 dress size

I have been having low back pain since I've been pregnant. Why?

You are not alone. Studies estimate that over 50% of women experience low back pain during their pregnancy. This pain is primarily due to the increase in body weight that naturally occurs while carrying a child, particularly in the abdominal (stomach) region.

This extra weight puts stress on the body, especially the low back. Gravity pulls this weight downward, causing an exaggeration of the lordosis curve in the lumbar area (low back curve).

Hip positioning is also changed. (The stomach tends to shift downward and forward, and the buttocks shift backward and upward.) Even slight changes in these things can put a major strain on your low back, and can leave you miserable.

Also, during pregnancy, the hips begin to expand and the connective tissues soften to accommodate the expansion of the birth canal. This "loosening" of the hips can contribute dramatically to low back pain.

The good news is that back pain during pregnancy can be reduced.

Will the Mom-Ez (tm) maternity back support help me and how does it work?

Yes, in several ways...

1. By gently lifting the abdomen, pressure can be relieved from the low back area.

2. By providing compression and support to the lumbar (low back) region, pain can be reduced and pregnant life can be more comfortable.

This compression also creates warmth and increased blood flow to the low back, thus encouraging flexible muscles and therapeutic healing.

3. By providing support and compression to the hips, the garment helps to stabilize the weakened hip area and reduce pain.

4. By helping with proper posture, the Mom-Ez (tm) maternity back support relieves stress to the body by encouraging proper body positioning (a forward pelvic tilt and more erect posture) and movements (lifting, twisting, etc.)

Mom-EZ (tm) back supports help relieve pain by gently lifting the abdomen and providing support and compression to the hips and low back.


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