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Cervical Neck Support Pillows

Cervical Neck Support Pillows

FIBER DH PILLOW (24 x 16 x 4.25") - Highest quality fiber fill pillow filled with Dacron Hollofil fiber available today. Enjoy proper neck support while you sleep. Designed for back or side sleeping.. Non-allergenic, resilient, odorless and long lasting. New Anti-microbial fiber.

$49.95 - Shipping included


Petite Size Fiber DH Pillow is available

Air Pump Fiber Fill Pillow (CO-204) - (24 x 16 x 4") High quality fiber fill pillow with a convenient air pump for complete adjustability. Give yourself the support you need with a simple squeeze of the pump. The second upper lobe provides traditional fiber support. Reduce or eliminate the time needed to adjust to a cervical pillow. Filled with premier, antimicrobial fiber. $49.95


Fiber Fill Pillow Cover (CO-821) - (24 x 16 x 4") Blue Fiber Fill Pillow cover for our Fiber DH and Air Pump Fiber Fill Pillows - . $19.95



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