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Magniflex GeoEthic GeoGreen Foam Pillow

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Magniflex GeoEthic GeoGreen - Magniflex has combined nature and technology to ensure a quality of sleep that is higher than any standard: Geoethic, mattresses and pillows made from natural raw materials and essential oils. . All MagiGel Products are 100% Designed and Produced in Italy.

Magniflex Ergonomic Sleep Products are hypo-allergenic, dust mite free, breathable and free of toxic out-gassing found in other lesser quality Memory Foam, Gel and Latex Products. All Magniflex products are 100% made in Italy and Quality Certified. All Research and development revolves around the concern for both the enviroment and the overall comfort and wellbeing of the user. Magniflex only uses the finest materials in it's mattresses, pillows and other sleep accessories. Magniflex Pillows and Mattresses do not harden in cold temperatures like standard Visco-Elastic Memory Foam products and have a 90% reaction to body weight. Magniflex has over Fifty years of experience with significant investments in research, design and development in sleep products.Magniflex products are found all over the world in over 70 different international markets with 8 showrooms in Florence, New York, Tokyo, Cyprus, Singapore, Dubai, Prague, Kiev.


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Magniflex Memoform Memory Foam Pillow and Mattress
100% Made in Italy

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