Will My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

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Few people realize that most insurance policies cover chiropractic care. If fact, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, as well as Medicare, have covered chiropractic care for years. These carriers have come to recognize that chiropractic care effectively treats many musculoskeletal disorders.

In addition, many HMO's and PPO's offer chiropractic care to their subscribers. In fact, recent articles published in the Journal for Managed Care cited chiropractic care as being more cost effective than conventional medical therapies in treating low back pain. It is a good chance that your local HMO could also cover chiropractic care.

Injuries resulting from auto accidents and work injuries are covered 100% by your auto insurance and workers compensation policies respectively. Many in-home injuries may be covered by home owners policies.

Our insurance department will be happy to review your insurance plan as well as fill out any of the paperwork required by your insurance carrier. If you would like us to research your insurance coverage prior to becoming a patient in our office, we need the following information from your insurance card. Please complete the following WebForm and Submit it to us using the "Submit Form" button at the end of this page. If a field in this form does not apply to you, then you may leave it blank.

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All information will be deemed confidential. If you have any further questions, or if you need us to put a rush on getting you this information, Please call our office at; (619) 296-BACK(2225)


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