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U-Shaped Horseshoe Travel Neck Pillows

U-Shaped Horseshoe Travel Neck Pillows

INFLATABLE NECK TRAVEL PILLOWS - Our inflatable crescent shaped mini-pillow is the perfect travel comfort companion for your neck. Use it to cradle your head and support your neck when traveling in a car, bus, plane, boat, or train. It's great at home for napping, watching TV, or reading in the yard. You won't waste valuable packing space when you take this pillow with you; it folds to fit into your pocket or purse and then quickly inflates to just the softness you prefer. A treat for weary travelers. Horseshoe shaped inflatable velour pillow gentle cradles your neck while supporting your head in all directions. Navy Blue Complete with travel caseUS MAIL SHIPPING ONLY $3.50 for 1-4 pillows Compare at $10 $5.00 10/$40 100/$300.



TRAVEL PILLOW (18 X 12 X 4") - Great for use while traveling, watching TV, reading, or napping. Use it in the hotel, automobile, or airplane. Provides support and comfort in a compact size. Compare at $25.00. $14.00   .



MEMORY U-SHAPED TRAVEL PILLOW (12x10x3") - New U shaped Viscoelastic Contour Travel Pillow. The Travel Pillow's unique horseshoe shape has been specifically designed to cradle your neck to relieve pressure, prevent stiffness and alleviate soreness while traveling. The Travel Pillow makes travel by plane, train or car more pleasant by providing proper, comfortable orthopedic neck support. Includes a zippered terry cloth cover!. Compare at $50.00. $39.95   .


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