The two channel TENS unit is specifically designed to make drug free relief a practical option in pain therapy. Weighing just five ounces, the clip on device can be comfortably worn during the patient's daily activities.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation(TENS) is a modern, non invasive, drug free, pain management modality, commonly used for short term acute pain or long term chronic pain. TENS will relieve back, knee, shoulder, neck, muscle associated pain as well as many other work related injuries, such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI (repetitive strain injuries) and many other problems related to today's sedentary working environments. - Herman Miller Office Chairs, Stressless Recliners, Fjords Chairs and Human Touch Massage Chairs


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TENS Pain Control Unit Information

  TENS Pain Control Units

VITAL TENS DELUXE /muscle stimulation device with Timer. Many types of pain which are often relieved with drugs can today be treated by electrical stimulation with no side effects. Pain relief with TENS (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation) is produced through high frequency electrical stimulation of the nerve which disrupts the pain signal so that the pain is no longer felt. Dual Channel four pad Tens with timer and burst mode. Adjustable pulse rate and pulse width. Includes 3 packs of 4 electrodes. TENS INFORMATION


USA ORDERS ONLY: A Doctor's Prescription is required to order this item.



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Warning and Contraindications

TENS devices are restricted to sale by or on the order (Rx) of a licensed practitioner (FDA Class II).

TENS is symptomatic treatment and as such may suppress the sensation of pain that would otherwise serve as a protective mechanism on the outcome of a clinical process.

TENS devices should not be used with any patient with a history of cardiac problems.

Do not stimulate over the eyes, carotid sinus, over the laryngeal muscles or through the brain.

The effects of long term electrical TENS on fetuses is not known and should therefore be avoided during pregnancy.

Treatment outcome may be affected by the use of drugs or the patient's psychological state.

Patients should avoid operating heavy machinery or hazardous equipment while receiving TENS therapy.