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TENS Pain Control Treatment Information






PURPOSE: A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, or TENS, unit is designed to relive post-operative, acute and chronic pain. It is used for pain caused by peripheral nerves and not central. TENS units are prescription-only devices.




OPERATION: TENS units work in a couple of ways. The first way they are thought to work is by a method called the Gate Theory. The Gate Theory states that our brains can only handle one stimulus at a time. When you have chronic pain, this pain signal is constantly being sent to our brains and recognized as pain. When an electrical stimulus is added to the area of pain, this electrical stimulus is felt by the body and since the brain can only handle one thing at a time, the pain is not transmitted to the brain.

The second method thought to be part of TENS units success is by way of stimulating our own bodies to release its own natural pain killers. TENS units do not work for everyone and results may vary. Always follow the instructions and warnings in your user manual.




TYPES: A B C Medical Supply carries one type of TENS unit and that is a Dual Channel, 4-lead unit. This unit has the following characteristics:

  • Channels: 2
  • Pulse Amp: +80 thru -20 mA
  • Pulse Rate: 2 - 120 Hz
  • Voltage: 0-110 volts
  • Pulse Width: 40 S - 260 S
  • Modes: Pulse & Burst
  • Wave: Asymmetrical
  • Timer: 30/60 Min. & Continuous
  • Battery: 9 volt
  • Battery Life: ~100 hrs.
  • Size: 23 x 64 x 91 mm
  • Weight: 130 grams




How the TENS Pain Control Units Work

Pain is the body's warning system. It is a way of letting an individual know that something is wrong. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulations (TENS) is a safe non-invasive drug-free method of pain management. It relieves pain by sending small electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin to underlying nerve fibers. TENS is believed to work by two different mechanisms. First, electrical stimulation of the nerve fibers can block a pain signal from being carried to the brain. If the signal is blocked, pain is not perceived. Secondly, the body has its own mechanism for suppressing pain. It does this by releasing natural chemicals called endorphins in the brain which act as analgesics. TENS may activate this mechanism. By effectively managing pain without drugs, TENS allows many people with chronic pain conditions to resume daily activity.

You can not strain or sprain your muscles by overworking them with your electronic muscle stimulator system because the feeling is more like a pleasant tingling sensation than a shock or jolt.

However, the following should not use electronic muscle stimulators (EMS):

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you use a pace maker
  • If you have metal plates or pins
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you have an abnormally high blood pressure

Just as with starting any new exercise program, if in doubt, consult your physician.

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