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 MEMORY PILLOWS - Compare to swedish style® Pillows

Pillows that automatically adjust to your body weight, temperature and shaAt the request of the manufacturer, we can no longer list prices on these pillows. Please call (888) 293-0728 or e-mail for pricing.



CERVICAL MEMORY PILLOW (18 X 13 X 4") - Revolutionary technology reacts to the temperature of the body to form to the head and neck, giving proper support while maintaining softness. Helps with Headaches, Neck Pain and insomnia. Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial/fungal. $54.95

CERVICAL MEMORY PILLOW (22 X 13 X 4") - Same as above but larger. $75.00

CERVICAL MEMORY TRAVEL PILLOW (9 X 13 X 4") - Same as above but smaller. $50.00

CERVICAL MEMORY PLUS PILLOW (18 X 13 X 4") 2.25" diag. cores - Same as above with the addition of changeable cores. The three different core firmnesses offer a range of added cervical support from soft to firm. Choose Yellow(soft), Blue(medium) or Green (firm). $95.00

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