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Memory Wheelchair Pads and Seat Cushions


VITALFOAM MEMORY SEAT CUSHIONS - Made of same revolutionary technology as our Memory Pillows. They provide equal distribution, superior pressure point relief and cervical alignment for optimum comfort. The visco-elastic foam is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and ozone resistant. It reacts to the temperature of the body to form to you, giving proper support while maintaining softness. They are 2" of Memory foam bonded to a 1" Polyurethane base for rigidity. VitalFoam Memory 5lb Cushions (16x16x3") and 5lb VitalFoam Wheelchair seat cushions (20x20x3") have a blue polyester zippered cover (not the light grey pictured below).


Memory Lite Seat Pad
Comes in a Navy Blue Cover Only
Blue 5lb Memory Seat Cushion - $42.95 Qty:
Blue 5lb Memory Wheelchair Seat Cushion - $49.95 Qty:

STADIUM CUSH SEAT CUSHION (15x13x1") Genuine Sheep Skin Seat cushion that easily folds in half for easy storage and transportation. Cushion is made with a 1" polyurethane foam base.
Compare at $50. $29.95


INFLATABLE SEAT CUSHION (13x16x1") inflatable velour seat cushion is compact and great for travel. Can be used in car seats, Office Chairs, stadium seats and even kayaks! When deflated it folds to fit into your pocket or purse and then quickly inflates to just the softness you prefer. Select USPS Mail shipping on checkout and pay only $3.50 for S/H.
Compare at $15. $7.95 10/$55


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