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Embrace Air Plus Chair

Embrace Air King Chair

Chair Information

The design encourages proper posture and allows an easily varied amount of lumbar support, encouraging relief and prevention of back pain. The inflatable air chamber may be moved up and down within the support. The contoured shape of this support reduces lateral disc bulging.
Compare at $600 $399.00

Same as the Embrace Plus but for people with longer or larger frames (dimensions: 21" w X 23" h) Using the unique design feature incorporated in the EmbraceAirPlus, this unit is suited for people with taller or larger frames. Features include air adjustable Comfort Control.
Compare at $650 $429.00

Easy Adjustments Let You Control:

Arm Height
EmbraceAir height
Upright back position
Telescope seat height
Lock or rock
Downward tilt






Embrace Air Plus Lumbar Supports

Embrace Air Plus Lumbar Support Chairs - The ultimate in office ergonomic seating features the patented Comfort Control air chamber (How it works) that provides precise adjustments in the lower back region of the spine. Comfort Control for that perfect Fit. You adjust the amount of support to fit your changing needs.
Shipping Charges depend on destination and can vary between $75-85 for US addresses within the continental US.
These chairs are made to order and will take 2-4 weeks for delivery.



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