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Lumbar Low Back Support Cushions


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TRIM REST SUPPORT (13 X 14 X 2.25") - ideal for use in the car, office or home. Its gentle curve supports the back and help maintain proper posture. Can be used with the optional Adjustable Strap. (Royal Blue, Khaki, Black, Navy Blue, Pearl Gray) Ordering Info. $16.00

WING BACK SUPPORT (13 X 16") - Combines both back and side support to help correct posture while supporting the lower back. Use at home, office or car. 3 sizes. Use optional adjustable strap to fit bucket seats. (Royal Blue, Khaki, Black, Navy Blue, Pearl Gray). Ordering Info. $19.00

D-ROLL SUPPORT (14 X 8 X 3.5") - Great for supporting the neck, legs or the low back. Use optional adjustable strap to keep in place. (Royal Blue, Khaki, Black, Navy Blue, Pearl Gray). Ordering Info. $16.00


ADJUSTABLE STRAP (60 X 1") - Holds the Wing Back, Trim rest, D-Roll, and Foam Support Roll in the exact position that you wish. Made of nylon webbing, comes in black and is 60 inches in length to fit around most chair backs. STRAP ONLY. Ordering Info. $3.00

TUSH CUSH CAR/COMPUTER SEAT CUSHION (13 X 16") - designed to relieve and prevent back pain, numb buttocks and other discomforts associated with sitting. Velour (Navy, Charcoal, Black). Ordering Info. $28.00

LARGE TUSH CUSH SEAT CUSHION (14 X 18") - (Navy, Charcoal, Black) Ordering Info. $35.00


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